Feeling a little tender from last nights wine-over? Fear not, our famous Salame Romano, with cream cheese and sun dried tomato – is here to pull you through the day!

We offer a selection of great sandwiches all made with locally sourced products from Amsterdam and surrounding farms.


From 9-12

Croissant with butter and jam

€ 3,50

Screaming Beans Breakfast

€ 9,50

A buttery croissants with raspberry jam and butter. A glass of fresh orange juice and a hot drink of your choice! Add a boiled egg for €1!

Yoghurt with crunchy granola

€ 5,50

Yoghurt with fresh fruits

€ 7,00

Yoghurt with fresh fruits and crunchy granola

€ 7,50


Old Gouda Cheese with amora mayonaise, arugula and pickles

€ 6,50

Salame Romano with a homemade sundried tomato cream cheese and arugula

€ 6,75

Homemade Tuna mayonaise with capers, red onion and fresh cucumber

€ 6,50

Serrano Ham with truffle mayonaise, parmazan flakes and arugula

€ 7,50

Smashed avocado with Feta, red onions and cherry tomatoes

€ 6,50

Beetroot Hummus, Feta and Walnuts

€ 5,25


Beetroot Hummus, Feta and Walnuts

€ 5

Smashed avocado with Feta, red onions and cherry tomatoes



Check out our homemade and daily offers!

Banana Cake

€ 3

Amazing banana cake with a creamy buttercream icing

Carrot Cake

€ 3

Lovely spiced carrot cake with raisins and a creamy buttercream icing

Blueberry and coconut cake

€ 4

Ham and Cheese Pastry

€ 3

A lovely flaky puff pastry filled with cheese and ham

Apple Turnover

€ 2,50

Flaky puff pastry filled with diced apple, sugar and cinnamon

Almond Pastry

€ 3

Flaky puff pastry with a homemade almond filling

Almond and Orange Cake

€ 4

An amazing gluten- and lactose-free cake option

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