The Staff

Screaming Beans was founded by entrepreneurs from the media and creative industry. What binds us is a love for coffee, strong brands and stories. We find it important and self-evident that we work in an honest, transparent way with our partners and stand for an open and inclusive culture where creativity is central. We work with a close-knit team on our dream to grow Screaming Beans into a distinctive brand within the specialty coffee market.


Head Barista

One guy that you should definitely know is our head barista James! James is part of the furniture at Screaming Beans as he has been around since 2011, and his love for people and his amazing latte art certainly shows it. We swear he is a human catalogue as he remembers everyone who walks through our door, even people who haven’t visited in years. He’s always up for a chat, even if it is to torment Man United fans with the YNWA song… He often asks for a single origin cortado and an espresso to test us baristas in the morning, and he often pulls a “James” face when he makes a “banging” coffee.


Store Manager of Runstraat 6

Our store manager Silvia knows Screaming Beans inside out, making sure the store runs smoothly…and that us staff are being fed! She stocks us up on snacks while we work and if we are missing a certain food from home she will bake it for us even if it’s off menu! She is an absolute wizard in the kitchen, sometimes baking 20 cakes in 2 hours and she is the mastermind behind all our recipes! It is like she is a dog whisperer as she knows every single dog that comes in store and she tries to teach them new tricks whilst their owners wait for their coffees.



“Lukey” is our youngest team member and the most positive Irish man you’ll ever meet! From Dublin, Luke is always up for a laugh and always tell us to “drink water” during a long shift. Whether its a flattie or a cortado, Luke is a cow’s milk man who can sometimes be persuaded by a little soy milk 😉 he claims that he has the style, and music taste of his Dad by enjoying listening to U2 and by wearing a paddy cap…yet his haircut is definitely his own signature style.



Kim, “Kimmethy”, is one of our only fully Dutch, full time baristas, and is someone who’s outfits are always stylish. Since recently graduating from her Bachelor’s in History, Kim has now become one of our speediest workers! Whether that be making coffee, or baking cakes in the kitchen, we can always guarantee a nice, on time finish with her on a close shift! She always has a funny story to tell and she’s often found playing chill music in store, sharing new tattoo ideas, or prepping enough chais to last us two weeks.


Editor and Social Media Manager

Lydia is our scouse content creator/editor from Liverpool, but she gets super happy when customers recognise that she is also Irish too. She runs our social media, our website and she specialises in photography! She loves chatting to customers about their cameras when they come in store. If she’s not editing, or replying to you all on Insta, she can be found making coffees as she is also one of our baristas! What is she famous for at Screaming Beans? Either dropping cups with her shaky hands after too much caffeine, or being probably the only barista who doesn’t (can’t) drink coffee. But a good matcha with oat milk? That’s lush that.


Store Manager of Amstelstraat

From boshing out stunning latte art designs, to being like a coffee encyclopaedia, David is an absolute beast when it comes to coffee! Originally from Slovakia, David’s coffee journey started in the UK before he recently moved to Amsterdam. He’s a straight forward guy who always says what he thinks. You may know him as Bayreesta on Instagram and when he’s not making coffee content, he loves playing video games in his free time!


Barista and Kitchen Assistant

Paulo, “Paulocito” is one of our part time kitchen staff from Mexico! As someone who used to visit Screaming Beans for our music choices in store, Paulo is now a gem in the kitchen, baking cakes in store, even whilst we’re crazy busy! When he’s not baking cakes, or working his internship, he studies how the brain is capable of doing things like baking through his Master’s course in cognitive neuroscience! He’s super clever but also super lovely as during a long shift, he always gives us a much needed back rub to keep us going!


Kitchen Assistant

Darrin’s Screaming Beans journey began soon after he moved to Amsterdam from the U.S as our cosy little coffee place quickly became his second home. After befriending our Screaming Beans family, Darrin moved from being a daily visitor to the company’s newest employee! He is often found in the kitchen whipping up cakes and cookie doughs, making us staff “eggies” for lunch, and drinking oat flat whites. When Darrin is not cooking up a storm, he is studying for his Master’s at UvA, or behind the decks mixing techno music!


Kitchen Assistant

Sara is one of the newest members of the SB family and she has fit right in! Originally from Poland, Sara has lived in Amsterdam for 7 years and she is here to stay. When she’s not chatting to you all and taking your orders, Sara is a professional violin player and she also loves to take the odd analog photo when she gets the chance.


Creative Aid

Our co-founder and creative director, Perre, has a clever eye when it comes to the Screaming Beans brand. He is a super busy guy as not only is he part of the Screaming Beans family, but he is also the founder of creative agency Foster & Kin! Perre is fuelled by Screaming Beans coffee, and he has an interesting daily routine that consists of a black coffee in the morning, and a lekker flat white in the afternoon.