Waterlooplein 129

Our spacious Waterlooplein 129 location is the perfect place to meet friends and colleagues over a cup of tasty coffee, a serving of mouth-watering cake or a warming tea! Since december 2023, this coffee-spot is a go-to for office workers and local residents, especially in the morning on their way to work! Or just to meet up, relax and read a fresh daily paper or magazine. The cafe features comfy seating, luscious plants, and a great table as a centre piece for collaboration and invitation.

Want to drop by? Our skilled and talented baristas are ready to welcome you!

Open Times

Monday, 8 am–6 pm

Tuesday, 8 am–6 pm

Wednesday, 8 am–6 pm

Thursday, 8 am–6 pm

Friday, 8 am–6 pm

Saturday, 9 am–6 pm

Sunday, 9 am–6 pm