“You don’t lack ideas.” | Thought for August 2023

“You don’t lack ideas. You only lack creative ways to make your ideas count.”

Written by Laiana Farias

Photos by Lydia O’Donoghue

What is a creative idea? The conventional definition is that a ‘creative idea’ comes from one’s ability to invent or create something entirely new and original. Whilst this may technically be a correct definition, it may not always be the case nowadays. Over recent years it has become quite evident, and perhaps it is even a shared feeling, that everything has already been done by someone, somewhere, thus making it quite challenging to feel like your idea is original.

Nevertheless, that doesn’t mean that your ‘creative’ idea isn’t unique. Feeling like your idea isn’t ‘original’ doesn’t equate to a lack of creativity – being creative is a skill that everyone can develop and nourish. As a result, the meaning of ‘creativity’ needs to be shifted slightly. Perhaps creativity today no longer encompasses envisioning and conceiving something unfamiliar or unexplored. Perhaps it is more about developing something unique, that is inspired by pre-existing materials and concepts available at your disposal, with the addition of your own distinctive personal touch. Regardless of the field you find yourself in, the notion of crafting something with your style using ‘ordinary’ materials holds the potential of developing something new. 

The concept of developing different ideas and products comes in many forms. Recently, it has been noticeable in multiple areas such as technology and its development in AI, developing creative ways of repurposing materials into sustainable output, or making artisanal products and exquisite arrangements within the artistic sphere. The approach of adding your personal twist to an idea that already exists helps businesses find their place within the market. Entrepreneurs incorporate their distinctive ideas into their products or services, making them niche to their customers.

Perhaps this is what makes them so attractive to their customers – the innovation of products radiates the time, passion and devotion put into its development. There is something particularly encouraging about putting a piece of yourself into what you create. For the customer, the thought of owning something that feels exclusive is rather captivating, and for its creator, it’s the feeling of reward you get about knowing that your product is appreciated and loved for its incomparable appeal.

So, what does creativity mean within Screaming Beans? We believe that our company provides an environment where creative ideas are free to roam freely, take shape and thrive in. Our staff, for instance, are constantly seeking new ways to improve our services, whether it be in the kitchen or behind the bar. Every barista and kitchen assistant is skilled in adding their idiosyncratic touch to what the company has to offer. Whether it originates from the way we welcome people, the frequency of recipe experimentation, desire to improve, everyone brings a piece of creativity into their work. 

You can often find our lovely baristas using their knowledge and passion for coffee to develop recipes. Through experimenting, our staff has developed some tasty caffeinated drinks to spice up your day. Our Runstraat crew are always testing different variables for our filter coffee recipes. You can often find James and Paulo sharing their new techniques they have learned with each other, whether that be their new favourite batch brew or their preferred V60 recipe. James often introduces a banging new coffee to the team and can be found passionately talking about it for days on end to anyone and everyone. Our Amstelstraat store offers a delicious espresso tonic that contains a refreshing balance between the combined acidity of the coffee and bitterness of the tonic water, made extra tasty by Naomi and Geegee’s homemade rosemary syrup. They have also experimented with various ways of using our matcha and sticky chai in order to maximise the flavour and serve you the best chai and matcha lattes. The knowledgeable baristas always create a welcoming atmosphere whilst enlightening every coffee lover with an enthralling conversation.  

You can frequently find Silvia in the kitchen in either our Runstraat or Utrechtsestraat store cooking up some mouth-watering recipes. These spectacular ideas that seem to be instinctively built into her will consistently delight your palate. Her most recent bites of heaven were her lemon blondies and miso and white chocolate chip cookies, through which she creatively used her understanding of baking to produce her own recipe. Whenever inspiration strikes, you can be sure that Silvia will never disappoint with her kitchen wonders. But it isn’t just her own ideas! Sometimes when we have a specific craving, she will incorporate our ideas and form something new off the bat, like when she added her own twist to a soda bread recipe which we were all craving for lunch that day.

Creative ways of executing ideas doesn’t always have to translate into a product, and anyone who has walked into our newest store located at Utrechtsestraat will agree. Johnny undoubtedly has a unique way of adapting each of his greetings depending on which customer walks, due to his remarkable eye for detail. Is the customer French? He will greet them in French! English? He will say a funny phrase to spark conversation. He always attempts to greet our customers in their own language, and is often successful! The ability to remember the faces of those who walk in and developing a genuine interest in engaging with the customers makes him sought out by our regulars, and it inevitably makes Utrechtsestraat feel like a ‘living room’ to those who come in for their daily cup of coffee. 

Essentially, we believe that there is no limit when it comes to thinking of ideas, and we know that it is possible to develop something extraordinary through inventive methods of turning your ideas into a reality.

We believe that coffee can help you develop avenues to execute your ideas in ways you have never thought, and we see this both inside and outside our cafe. Our staff is filled with passionate people who seek to contribute in developing great ideas in order to provide the best possible experience to all customers who walk into any of the Screaming Beans locations. We are also lucky to be surrounded by innovative stores and interesting customers that embody the concept of creating something extraordinary out of ordinary materials like the company Frietag. It is inspiring to see how they construct their ideas into something of their own, using ingenious ways to make something special. 

That being said, whether you are a seasoned entrepreneur or an aspiring artist, we are thrilled to welcome you into our cafe where we unite coffee and creativity. We hope our coffee encourages you to put forth that exciting idea that’s been brewing in the back of your mind, and breathe it into life.